pipe weld pvc cement

600-24 medium cuty clear for use with pvc plastic pipe & fittings through 6” diameter

pipe weld pvc cement

700-24 Heavy duty clear for use with pvx plastic pipe & fittings through 12” diameter

pipe weld pvc cleaner

clear for cpvc or pvc or Abs

touch 605 pvc cement

605 pvc cement heavy duty clear

cpvc cement

pipe weld heavy duty cement for cpvc pipes

Thread Seal Tape

High Quality Taflon Tape

PVC Solvent Cements

Premium PVC Cement


High strength and fast setting speed make this cement ideal for irrigation, drinking water, water processing facilities, industrial piping system, stadium, pool and drainage piping system.

Product code 31023
Brand name TOUCH 605
Color Transparent 
Shelf Life 2 Years
Physical State Liquid
Viscosity Heavy Bodied
Max VOC USEPA 24g/L104(Low VOC)
Max Pipe Size DN 300
Package 946ml/473ml/237ml/118ml
Standards ASTM D2196