pipe weld pvc cement

600-24 medium cuty clear for use with pvc plastic pipe & fittings through 6” diameter

pipe weld pvc cement

700-24 Heavy duty clear for use with pvx plastic pipe & fittings through 12” diameter

pipe weld pvc cleaner

clear for cpvc or pvc or Abs

touch 605 pvc cement

605 pvc cement heavy duty clear

cpvc cement

pipe weld heavy duty cement for cpvc pipes

Thread Seal Tape

High Quality Taflon Tape

PVC Solvent Cements

Premium PVC Cement

Welcome to ocean adhesive material factory

Ocean Adhesive Material Factory has been developing and producing high performance of adhesives since 2004 in order to focus on customer needs and to map them against its wide range of superior products with improved and cost effective solutions resulting in more refined products.
Our goal is to enhance the quality of our Product and Services, which is achieved by maintaining the best business relationship with our Suppliers, Distributors and the Customers. 

We Offer innovative, advanced technological solutions to meet the needs of the global marketplace. Our team works together to deliver the highest value in terms of customer satisfaction, innovation and sustainability.  

Our Company workforce is highly skilled, committed to safety, product quality and continuous improvement. Our manufacturing unit features highly automated material handling, drying and mixing systems. These are attributes that combine to ensure that our customers will benefit from new and innovative products produced in a safe and cost effective manner both now and in the future.

We strongly believe in building a personal rapport with our clients to develop a better understanding of the requirements and accordingly meet their demands.

We aim to constantly exceed customer expectations for value and services by providing high quality products at competitive prices with a quick turnaround time and excellent customer support.

We operate high standard manufacturing facilities and a strong distribution network to serve our customers across UAE.

We will strive to ensure that Ocean Adhesive Factory is recognized across the world as a provider of smart adhesive solutions and continue our expansion in dynamic regions.
Safety remains our first priority and we continue to invest in programs that improve quality, operational efficiency and levels of service to our global customer base.
Possessing a rich and diverse base of industry knowledge and experience we deliver an unparalleled level of commitment and value to our customers.

We want to grow profitably together with customers or partners that value our quality, service, expertise and appreciate the professional and collaborative manner in which we conduct business. 
We work hard to understand your objectives, know your priorities and deliver what you need with superior quality and service.